Spare Bed Reviews

Need a Spare Bed? You are at the right place. Whether you are looking for an air bed, a cot, a rollaway bed or a camping bed – we have the perfect spare bed to fit your needs. Below are some of our spare bed favorites:

Spare Bed – Air Beds

An air bed makes an excellent spare bed – for unexpected vistors, for camping, or for trips when an extra bed is needed. Some air beds, often called inflatable beds, come with their own built-in pumps. Others require a pump to be purchased separately. Most beds take between a minute and three minutes to inflate, and about half that time to deflate. Three of our favorite air beds:

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Comfort Twin Air Bed

The Intex Comfort twin air bed is a quality spare bed at a reasonable price.  It has a built in pump, and adjusts to any level of firmness with the touch of a button.  It has a 300 pound capacity, and includes a duffel bag for storage.  It inflates in two minutes, and the mattress is raised almost 17 inches off the floor for convenience.

Aerobed Guest Choice Inflatable Bed

Aerobed has been one of the leaders in the spare bed industry for years.  The Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed is one of their best-sellers.  It features Aerobed’s patented pump and quick air release valve, which makes set-up and break-down a snap.  An AC pump inflates this bed in 60 seconds, and it will deflate in just 15 seconds.  It has an interior coil construction for support and comfort, and holds up to 750 pounds.

Coleman 4 in 1 QuickBed

The Coleman 4 in 1 quickbed is extremely versatile.  It works as 2 twin beds, a single king-sized bed, or a as a twin double-high bed.  It features Coleman’s ComfortSmart system, with 32 coils in each half for extra firmness and stability.  It is made of durable heavy duty puncture resistant PVC, with a soft suede top for extra comfort.  Coleman’s Advanced Double Lock Valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate.  Their is also a built-in wrap “n” roll storage system that makes packing and storing quick and easy.


Spare Bed – Cots

Cots are a long favored spare bed due to their durability, as well as their easy set up and break down. Their are a number of different brands and styles of cots, here are three of our favorites:

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

The Regalo portable bed is an excellent choice for the budget minded shopper looking for a child’s portable bed.  For less than $30, you can get a safe, comfortable portable bed.  It features a sturdy all-steel frame and a durable canvas bed liner. It folds up very quickly and comes with its own carrying case.  It weighs just four pounds, so can be taken anywhere – from grandma’s house to the beach to the park.

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

The Teton Sports Cot is an extremely strong cot.  It is 85″x40″ and has a 600 pound weight capacity.  It is very comfortable, and can be used as a camping bed, spare bed, or even as a guest bed.  When not being used, it folds up to 42 x 12 x7, and comes with a carrying bag. There is also an Outfitter XXL Foam Pad from Teton (not included) that custom fits on this cot and makes it even more comfortable.

Earth Military Style Cot

The Earth Military cot is a traditional type cot.  It is 77 inches long and 25 inches wide, and is made of anodized reinforced aluminum.  It comes with a side bag storage system, which is nice if you are using it while camping or hunting.  Easy to set up and take down, it is great for camping, cabin use, or even the unexpected overnight guest that needs a spare bed.  It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.


Rollaway and Folding Beds

Rollaway beds and folding beds are generally more expensive than cots, but are usually more comfortable.  If you are looking for a spare bed that will be used frequently, these are beds that you may want to consider.   The Linon Verona Twin-size bed is easy to set up, and has a thick mattress to provide your guests with comfortable support.  It has a sturdy metal frame and rolling casters.  There are many different beds in this category to choose from. Please visit our Rollaway Beds  page or our Folding Beds page to see all the types of beds that are available.


There are a lot of great Air Beds, Cots and Folding Beds. our there. Please explore our site, we’re sure you will find the perfect spare bed!